The program was a positive step for getting the highest production rate of the company, it's also the first step on the road of increasing employee efficiency in the company if it was fallowed by practical and actual work , calculated and tabulated steps for administration side and workers on the other side.
Name : Mr. Emad hassan (production worker).
Company : Chloride Egypt.
Training program : Improving the essential quality skills.


The program was useful, it improve my vocational information and preparing me for the
implementation in my work.

Name : Mr. Khaled Aly.
Company : Egypt for dying and preparation.
Training program : Operation and maintenance of boilers


The program had add a high value in all around of my feild of specialty. It was applicable for organizing and arranging, using the 5 S to arrange the branchs of our store in my place of work
to reduce lost time.

Name : MR. Mohamed Kamel.
Company : EL-EZZ for steel.
Training program : 5 S organizing working place.


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Excellent program and sustain from it.
Name : Eng. Waleed Ahmed (Electrical section head).
Company : EL-Shrook th modern for printing and packaging.
Training program : Predictive Maintenance and machine revienting.


Special program for excellent lecturer in excellent information communication ways and with excellent benefits.
Name : Mr. Jon Farouk (Camera observer).
Company : Fine.
Training program : Building guarding and securing.


It's a practical program handling the real problems in the company.
Name : Eng. Ahmed Othman (general manager).
Company : Arabic company for wood manufacturing.
Training program : Rules of Industrial safety.


The program was useful because the lecturer Dr. was specialized and objective, the information were presented in very good way.
Name : Eng. Mohmed Helmy (production section head).
Company : Middle East for chemical industry (orient).
Training program : Crises Management and fire fighting.


My aims of the program were completely achieved because the lecturer Dr. perfectly handled the scientific material also he has high quality in information connection with deep experience in the training program field.
Name : Eng. Osama zeedan (Maintenance Manager).
Company : Cairo for feeding industry (olymbic group).
Training program : Hydraulic and pneumatic maintenance.



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